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Dental check-ups are a preventative measure that allows early detection of oral diseases while ensuring healthy teeth and gums. At Apex Dental Care, we believe that your smile is one of the most important parts of your personality and you should not compromise it. Therefore, we offer regular dental check-ups in London as part of our general dentistry services. This routine oral check-up allows you to maintain your oral health and gives you an opportunity to adopt a preventive approach toward various dental problems. Dental check-ups at Apex Dental Care can take between thirty minutes to an hour and are performed by our dental specialists. Our team of dental professionals has years of experience and valuable expertise to ensure complete patient satisfaction. Generally, dental check-up is recommended every six months but this can vary from individual to individual depending on their overall oral health.

Complete Oral Health Check by an Expert Dentist

During each dental check-up, we’ll ask you to provide an update on your oral health. You need to tell us if you’ve been having any problems with your teeth or gums. One of our qualified and experienced London dentists will examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth. This also includes the mouth’s soft tissue, such as the tongue and cheeks. We check your gums for visible signs of gum disease and let you know if you should see our dental hygienist. We also perform tests, including digital scans and X-rays, to check your mouth for signs of mouth cancer and refer you to a specialist if the need arises. Based on the examination, your dentist will give recommendations on cleaning your teeth, maintaining oral health, diet, and use of alcohol.

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Why Getting a Dental Check-Up is Important

Wondering why you should book an appointment for a dental check-up London? Here’s why:

  • Prevents gum disease, which usually doesn’t show any symptoms until later on
  • Detects oral problems such as mouth cancer early, allowing a chance for a full recovery
  • Helps you maintain a good oral health in the long run
  • Helps keep your mouth smelling fresh
  • Saves money in the long run by avoiding expensive and invasive procedures

And most importantly, you get a beautiful smile! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and book an appointment for your dental check-up with Apex Dental Care.

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