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Dental fillings are a procedure that treats cavities in the teeth to prevent further tooth decay and damage to the gums. At Apex Dental Care, we value your oral health and believe that it can have a major effect on your overall well-being and confidence. We offer dental fillings in London as part of our general dentistry services so that you get appropriate care before tooth decay worsens. It’s a common procedure that preserves your oral health by treating existing cavities and preventing further decay. Dental fillings procedure at Apex Dental Care can take between twenty minutes to an hour, while it will be performed by one of our London dental specialists. We have a team of experienced dental professionals with valuable expertise, allowing us to provide impeccable results. Prior to dental fillings, patients have to undergo a check-up to get an overall evaluation of their oral health. This also helps us determine how many fillings you need and if other treatments are required.

Get Dental Fillings from a Qualified Dentist

We refer patients for dental fillings in London when our experts see signs of decay, fissures, or cracks in the teeth. If your teeth show signs of decay, your London dentist can address the issue before it causes further damage. A filling is a long-lasting solution that’s preferable to getting a root canal, which is required in the case of extensive decay. Cavities and gaps can allow bacteria to enter and cause further damage. During the procedure, your dentist will apply fillings to small cavities to close gaps and preserve the tooth’s shape. This is the least preventative way to preserve your teeth and avoid oral health issues down the line. It involves a simple process in which your local dentist will assess the tooth, remove the decayed material, and fill the cavity. You can choose which material to use for the filling. The most common options include:

  • Amalgam Fillings
  • Composite Resin Fillings
  • Porcelain Fillings
  • Gold Fillings

Our dentists can recommend the best option based on your individual needs.

Why Get Dental Fillings?

Your teeth can decay due to a number of reasons, like excessive intake of sugary foods and beverages or poor oral hygiene. Such factors can weaken the enamel of your teeth over time, which breaks down the teeth and leads to a cavity. Unless you see an experienced London dentist to treat the cavity, the tooth will continue to decay and become more painful.

Your dentist may recommend dental fillings for the following reasons:

  • Prevent further tooth decay
  • Fix the shape of a tooth
  • Fix a broken or chipped tooth
  • To fill in gaps between your teeth

If you’re experiencing sharp pain when you bite, have a constant toothache, or have sensitivity to cold or hot foods or beverages, visit your local dental experts at Apex Dental Care.

Don’t put your oral health on hold, and give us a call today!

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