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Having straight, beautiful teeth is no easy task, especially when you’re dealing with crooked teeth. But with help from an Invisalign dentist near Ilford, you can start the process of straightening your teeth using clear aligners. At Apex Dental Care, we’re a team of dental specialists with over two decades of experience in performing different dental procedures.

Our Barking-based dental practice is also an approved provider offering Invisalign near Ilford. Therefore, we have the necessary skills and expertise to guide you through the Invisalign treatment process.

Visit An Invisalign Dentist Near Ilford To Begin Treatment

When you visit our clinic to see an Invisalign dentist near Ilford, the first step involves a consultation. Here, your dentist will perform a case assessment to get important information about your dental issues. They’ll take a 3D impression of your teeth to see which teeth need to be straightened.

If there are multiple teeth involved and severe issues of crowding and gaps between the teeth, they’ll recommend a more comprehensive Invisalign treatment. But if the issue is mild to moderate, they may recommend Invisalign Lite or Express.

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Get Straighter Teeth With Help From Invisalign Dentist Near Ilford

You may be wondering why you have to see an Invisalign dentist near Ilford if the aligners do all the straightening. That’s because your dentist will prepare the designs for your aligners so that they fit properly and don’t feel uncomfortable. They’ll send their designs and the 3D impressions of your teeth to the lab, where technicians will prepare your series of custom aligners.

More importantly, you should continue seeing your Invisalign dentist near Ilford in case you run into issues with your aligners. For instance, you damage them, don’t know how to clean them properly or feel like they don’t fit you properly. Whatever problems you face during the treatment process, seeing your dentist regularly allows you to address them as soon as possible.

Ready to start Invisalign treatment with the help of an Invisalign dentist near Ilford? In that case, call us at Apex Dental Care to book a consultation with one of our specialists.

Why Choose Us as Your Invisalign Dentist

  • 60+ years combined experience.
  • We offer fixed consultations
  • We employ the latest technology and dental techniques
  • Calm and comfortable environment
  • Comprehensive dental plans
  • Approved Invisalign provider
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Apex Dental Care is a NHS and private dental practice based in Barking, London, providing a range of dental care treatments by experienced local professionals.

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