Invisalign Near Ilford

Want to straighten your teeth without getting braces? Invisalign near Ilford is a suitable option. At Apex Dental Care, our dentists can guide you through the treatment process and provide advice on how you can ensure the best results.

Our dental experts have years of experience in helping patients straighten their teeth with Invisalign. We can determine the type of Invisalign treatment required by taking impressions of your teeth and assessing the teeth that need straightening.

Say Goodbye to Wired Braces With Invisalign Near Ilford

When you opt for Invisalign near Ilford as opposed to traditional metal braces, you get a series of clear plastic trays. These aligners are rigid but flexible for enhanced comfort and are made by 3D imaging your teeth. You’ll need to wear new trays every two weeks as your teeth align into their desired position gradually.

For Invisalign near Ilford to be effective, you need to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours every day. That means you can remove them to brush your teeth, eat, or clean your aligners. If you used to feel conscious with regular braces, these clear aligners provide a much sleeker look. Although they have a minor effect on how you speak, it dissipates as you get used to speaking with aligners.

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Get Invisalign Near Ilford For Faster Results

Compared to your regular wired braces, Invisalign near Ilford allows you to get faster results. That’s because it applies small amounts of pressure on all the teeth. On the other hand, wired braces are adjusted to fix one tooth at a time, so even though they apply more force, you need more time to start seeing results.

Speaking of force, all that extra pressure leads to increased discomfort, while Invisalign near Ilford is a much more comfortable option. Usually, this treatment option is preferred to fix mild to moderate crowding and crookedness. We can also recommend Invisalign near Ilford for more severe cases of misalignment or crowding, but you should expect the treatment process to last much longer.

Want to start your teeth straightening journey with Invisalign near Ilford? Call us at Apex Dental Care, and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our dental experts.

Why Choose Invisalign With Apex Dental Care

  • 60+ years combined experience.
  • We provide fixed consultations
  • We provide multiple types of Invisalign treatments
  • Removable for up to 4 hours every day
  • Allows easy cleaning and brushing
  • Clear-coloured for a sleek appearance
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