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Private dentistry is a good choice when you’re seeking a broader range of dental procedures. If you’re looking to see a private dentist in Barking, Apex Dental Care has a team of skilled professionals. From cosmetic procedures to more complex treatments, our affordable range of private dentistry services covers you where NHS dental care doesn’t. This can include different cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening, which are only performed for aesthetic purposes.
When you ask to see a private dentist in Barking, you can expect a higher quality of treatment and care. You’ll be able to secure an appointment much sooner and receive exceptional treatments in a comfortable environment.

See an Experienced Private Dentist in Barking

Our private dentists in Barking can provide different types of treatments that aren’t covered under NHS dental care. This includes a variety of cosmetic procedures that can enhance your smile and give you a boost of confidence.
In addition to offering services that the NHS doesn’t cover, Barking private dentists can also offer better alternatives to NHS dental care. You can choose from different options and select the type of materials used in the procedure to get your desired outcome. For instance, opting for private dentistry services if you want to get a filling means that you can choose between different types of materials to get tooth-coloured fillings instead of traditional Amalgam fillings.
At Apex Dental Care, we have some of the most experienced private dentists in Barking to provide patients with high-quality care. Our team has 20 years of experience in providing dental treatments, and we’ve treated numerous patients privately. Offering private dentistry allows us to spend more time with each client, guide them on the entire range of options available and address their dental issues quickly. Consequently, you receive the best possible course of treatment without having to go through long waiting times.
Whether you’re in need of teeth whitening or teeth straightening treatments, our team of talented private dentists in Barking can provide you with the services you need. Call us today to learn more about our range of dental treatments.

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Why See a Private Dentist at Apex Dental Care

  • No long wait times
  • Different treatment options are available
  • Comfortable and warm environment
  • Easy access to dental treatments
  • Wide range of cosmetic treatments
  • Higher quality of care
  • More choices for better materials
Apex Dental Care

Apex Dental Care is a NHS and private dental practice based in Barking, London, providing a range of dental care treatments by experienced local professionals.

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