Teeth Straightening Near Ilford

At Apex Dental Care, we offer teeth straightening near Ilford as part of our range of cosmetic dentistry services. But that doesn’t mean that the benefits are entirely appearance-related. Straightening crooked teeth can reduce pressure on surrounding teeth and make dental hygiene practices more effective.

Our Barking-based dental practice has over two decades of experience in offering teeth straightening near Ilford. With options such as Quick Straight Teeth and Invisalign, we’ve helped numerous patients fix problems like crooked teeth or misalignment.

Improve Your Bite With Teeth Straightening Near Ilford

Teeth straightening near Ilford is an effective way to correct an improper bite, also known as malocclusion. It’s when you feel like your teeth don’t fit together properly, and the centre of the top and bottom rows don’t line up. Besides being an aesthetic issue, it can contribute to issues like gum disease, chewing problems, and speech issues.

At Apex Dental Care, we use Quick Straight Teeth to address mild cases of crowding or spacing issues in the front teeth. It’s a Short Form Orthodontics treatment that provides patients with either clear aligners or clear braces. Our dental experts recommend this form of teeth straightening near Ilford for people with alignment problems in the front 6 to 8 teeth.

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Teeth Straightening Near Ilford Can Enhance Your Smile

The process for teeth straightening near Ilford begins with a consultation. Here, your dentist will determine the extent of the problem by performing a case assessment. They’ll take impressions and photographs to assess your bite. After determining whether you need aligners or fixed braces, they’ll send a report to technicians, who prepare your braces.

During the second visit, your dentist will fix the braces and guide you on how to look after your teeth during the process. You’ll also be required to come in for follow-up sessions so they can adjust the braces and monitor your progress. And in a few months, you’ll start seeing the results of teeth straightening near Ilford.

Ready to get teeth straightening near Ilford? In that case, call us at Apex Dental Care to schedule a consultation and learn more about our options.

Why Get Teeth Straightening at Apex Dental Care

  • 60+ years combined experience.
  • Quick Straight Teeth delivers visible results
  • Fixed consultations
  • Minimal pressure ensures zero discomfort
  • Straightens teeth for easier cleaning
  • Takes less time than traditional braces
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